Regulating AI: what everyone needs to..

This book tries to bring together two disparate fields, law and technology, and give the reader and understanding of their convergence and divergence. We start to answer many of these questions, or at least open the discussion that acknowledges its complexity. This is an exploration of those questions and where possible we try to go over information that might be helpful in appreciating the depth of those questions. As technology and law are two large subjects that span a wide range, we do our best to narrow the scope of the chapters as best we can. This book should not be taken as “original research” in that we hypothesize how the legal system should change or what the answers to these questions are. We instead look at the underlying logic that is provided within current legal frameworks to see how they can be adapted to fit current AI and future generations of much more powerful AI. Just as this is an emerging field, we are emerging researchers interested in starting to put pen to paper on the kind of questions we will spend our lifetimes pursuing.


SMART AGENT – cosa sono?

Gli agenti intelligenti sono entità di vario tipo capaci di percepire l’ambiente circostante con l’utilizzo di sensori e di mettere in atto specifiche azioni per mezzo di attuatori. Nel caso dell’uomo i sensori possono